Monday, February 25, 2008

First Blog Post About Our Wedding

Originally Posted on Jan. 18, 2008

I'm still pretty new to this whole thing, but I like the idea of having a place to vent some frustrations, and I'm sure everyone around me will appreciate hearing about something other than the wedding. I've decided for that reason not to make the blog public to our friends and families.

We've been engaged since Sept 28, 2007- which was our two year anniversary. Totally romantic and everything I could have hoped for. We were out at dinner and his plan was to go for a walk around the circle (we live in Indy) and propose there in the middle of downtown. He was nervous and excited and was sure that I knew about it- which I totally didn't- so he proposed in the middle of the restaurant. We got some applause and a lot of "aawwww" noises from the rest of the people out that night. Absolutely amazing.
We've been making pretty good progress since then- getting the really big things done before the holidays. By the time we relaxed and enjoyed Christmas we had our date set, the church booked, and the reception venue set. The bridal party has all been asked and agreed- which is fantastic. We've got our color scheme set as well- black, ivory, and apple green as an accent color.
Since then, we've booked our florist, I've ordered my dress, and I think I've found the bridesmiads dresses- as long as the girls all like it of course. We're meeting with the invitation designer tomorrow- she'll actually do all of our designing and printing for the invitations/save the dates/programs/place cards/ and anything else we decide we want that will fit into the budget. we'll be sending our save the dates in February.
We may or may not have a photographer- again it dpends on whether he fits into our budget. I hope he does, because he's amazing. He just did a wedding for a friend of mine from high school and they really are some of the best pictures I've seen. He does a more photojournalistic approach which is exactly what Andrew and I want.
It feels great to be getting so much done, but it does make me nervous about what types of snags we're going to hit and when. So far the only trouble spot seems to be my Uncle. I know that sounds odd- but he's been trying to relay all the infomration he has on the wedding to the rest of the family. Sweet that he wants to help, but he's not involved in making the plans! He gets half the story from my dad (his brother) when they talk and then spreads it all around. People are confused and frustrated already- and we've still got nine months before the wedding!
I'm going to have to find a nice way to tell the rest of the family to stop asking him questions and just come to my parents or my cousin who's also a bridesmaid. I've just made a website for us through the knot, so hopefully that will help too.

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