Monday, February 25, 2008

Progress and Hold-Ups

Originally Posted Jan. 25, 2008

So far today has been crazy productive considering it's 11am on a Friday and we're both working. I love it when that happens! I came into work and checked my email to find that I had the contracts from the hotels in the area t oset up our room blocks for our guests. I'll go over them in greater detail this weekend and then sign and fax back first thing on Monday.

Then I get an email from my honey letting me know that our pastor will be able to come from Indianapolis to hicago for our ceremony. I say that he's our pastor since we go to church together, but really he's the pastor Andrew grew up with. I'm pretty new to the crowd. He's going to be wonderful. We need to get him the information for the church and vice versa since he's not their pastor. The church is really easygoing about this type of thing, which is a huge help to us.

I got an email from my former director- I sang in college- letting me know that he'd love to play for our reception. I've got to email him back with the specifics and then set up a time for us to meet and go over the ceremony music selections. We need to keep secular stuff out, according to the church rules, which is fine. There are still a lot of beautiful pieces he can play for us. He's a concert pianist and frequently plays with Manheim Steamroller.

I was a little bummed that I hadn't seen one of my BMs lately. I heard from her this morning and it turns out that her work shcedule has been crazy and changing a lot over the past few weeks. She's an OR nurse so I can completely see how that many changes can take a lot our of her even more than just being in the operating room for 12 hours a day. We're getting together tonight so she can show me some pictures of a wedding she was in on New Year's Eve. I'm so glad that she's back!

With all this going well, it reminded me that I should call another one of my BMs. She's a photographer and came up a while back to do some engagement photos for us. We'd like to use them with our save the dates and probably some other printed items. She and I keep missing chances for her to get the photos to me. We'll have to get better at that!

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