Monday, February 25, 2008

Proper Motivation

Originally Posted Jan. 24, 2008

Let me start by saying that I love our dog. He's got the sweetest face, and he gets so excited to see us when we come home. He's half beagle and half English bulldog, wit the beagle head on the bulldog shoulders.

We picked up from the Humane Society in July, and he really is a big part of our little family already. Both our sets of parents like him too which helps a lot- my dad even got him a birthday present. Because of where we got him and how much he means to us, we're doing a donation to the Humane Society in place of traditional favors.

Plus, he's already helping me achieve two of my big personal goals for the wedding- but not exactly as I had intended. Here's how:

First- I want to lose some weight. No one's shocked. I'm actually looking to lose somewhere around 20-25 lbs. Since I have until October I think that's realistic. That's also the amount I should lose to be in a healthy weight-range for my height, so there are multiple reasons why this will be good. The FI and I have joined a gym and I'm a huge fan of the yoga classes- but I can only go on the weekends. I've got minimal time during the week, and by the time I get home I'm tired and excited to be at home. Here's where the pup comes in. His name is Loki- after the Norse god of mischief and chaos- and it fits. He's a furry ball of energy and just wants to play. The problem was that he had just as much energy at 11pm as he did at 11am. So he and I have started going for a walk every morning. We run a little, but it's mostly a walk. This does two nice things- I get at least this workout every day and he gets worn out by about 8:30pm.

Second- I want contacts before the wedding. I've always had glasses, but started wearing them all the time about a year ago. I've been saying since that time that I was going to get contacts, and still haven't. Well, yesterday the pup ate my glasses. He didn't physically ingest anything, but he mangled them well beyond repair. So this weekend I'll be heading to the eye-doctor and getting a replacement set of frames and some contacts. Apparently all I needed was a gentle nudge. Helpful little devil.

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