Monday, February 25, 2008

Recap of the big weekend- part 1

Originally Posted Feb. 11, 2008

First off- I'm exhausted! I cannot wait to get home from work and just relax and spend some time with Andrew without our parents. It'll also be hte first time we've seen the fuzzy dog since last week. I think we're more excited to have him at home than he is! But it was all worth it for everything we got accomplished.

It'll be a long post, so I'll split it up into a few key areas. Saturday morning Andrew went with my mom and me to meet with our florist. Elizabeht Wray is amazing. I cannot say enough about her professionalism, her designs, and her ability to help my mom relax. Mom's a little worried about everything- even the stuff that's 6 months away. Elizabeth took the time to get to know Andrew and I a little better so that her designs will be a good fit for us. She's also agreed, via a second contract, to be our week of coordinator. I'll continue to make the plans and arrangements, but won't have to worry about a thing the week before the wedding. I love that.

She's already started to make some phone calls about additional parking near the church for the ceremony. The town we're getting married in just changed the date of their fall festival to the weekend of the wedding. It was originally scheduled for the week before. On one hand, GRRR. On the other, it'll give our out of town guests something to do on Saturday morning before the wedding and on Sunday if they're still in town, slightly quieter GRRR.

She was able to walk us through the items she typically puts together for weddings and how she plans to use the items from the church at the reception. I love the idea of getting additiona use out of them. It'll be something simple; like the tall arrangements that go along the candle sticks on the sides of the pews will be grouped together to make our taller centerpieces. We'll use the bridesmaids' and my bouquet as the centerpieces on the head table.

By going through her list, and giving her our favorite flowers and flowers I've seen in pictures that I like, she was able to give us a rough estimate for the wedding. We actually came in less than what my mom expected. Still a lot of money, but we're doing a great job with the budget so far. I left her with several pages of pictures that we all liked so she has something to use as inspiration. Though she really doesn't need any.

Funny side note about the meeting: I'd been running around my parents' house making sure that I had everything ready for this meeting and the rest of the day. We get out to Andrew's car when he turns to me and starts to laugh. My mom looks over at me and also starts to laugh. I get a bit paranoid and can't seem to see what's so funny about my sweater and jeans combination. Then I saw it- I was still wearing my red plaid bedroom slippers.

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