Monday, February 25, 2008

Little Black Dresses

Originally Posted Jan. 28, 2008

My bridesmaids are very receptive to my request that they wear black dresses at the wedding. Since we're going formal, I think the black will be very elegant, not to mention flattering and very re-wearable. I've sent them a link to the dress I'm leaning towards to get their feedback and so far four of the seven have already responded that they love it. (Such a good start!)

Here it is, The picture shows it in blue, which is also nice, but we're going for the black. The way the straps almost cross in the back is exactly like what the straps on my dress do, and being a design oriented corporate communications person, I love that! I love the little details that tie everything together.

Anyway, I saw this text in a magazine spread about little black dresses and thought it was a nice fit for what we're doing.

"There's something bewitching about a black dress. Simple and sophisticated it manages to look right every time. And though the LBD has been a hallmark of style since Coco Chanel popularized it in 1926, it's still fresh and modern. And thoroughly enchanting."

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