Monday, February 25, 2008

Recap of the big weekend- part 2

Originally Posted Feb. 11, 2008

So the meeting with the florist was great. We met up with Andrew's parents and all six of us (me, Andrew, my parents, his parents) had a nice lunch at my mom's favorite restaurant in town, Foxfire. Thus begins the wine drinking of the day (hey, it was 5:00 somewhere right?). Great lunch and we got to spend some time with the owner. He totally made a fuss over Andrew's parents which made mine feel very proud of our little town.

After lunch my mom and I took Andrew's mom into the bridal shop to see my dress and the bridesmaid dress. Veiled in Elegance is literally nextdoor to the restaurant so the boys weren't abandoned for too long. We were all very girly and looked at jewelry and shoes and anything else that was sparkly or bridey. We asked Kathy, the shop owner, for a recommendation on men's formal wear in town. We took her suggestion and then walked up to the store.

The men's shop, Erday's, was only three short blocks away. But it was maybe 5-below, and very windy. Ahhh the joy that is Chicago in winter. So we were thrilled to get out of the cold an into the store. There was some selection of formal wear to choose from, but no samples to try. We know we can go there, but we'd still like to test out some of the looks before Andrew commits to any of the styles. Fortunately the ones he liked are some we'll be able to try on in Indy and then we can decide later if we want to order them here or in Geneva.

After that it was back to the hotel and home to change for the meeting and dinner at the rehearsal dinner location, the Hotel Baker in St. Charles. They're under construction, so it was a little difficult to move around, but the space already looks beautiful. It's a hotel built in the 1920's that's having their banquet room restored. We wanted to do the reception there, but it can't hold more than 150 people. It's right down the street from the church so it'll be very easy for everyone to get to. The food is fantastic- it's actually my dad's favorite restaurant in town. I know the rehearsal dinner will go very smoothly.

We wanted to eat there but due to the construction their menu has been drastically reduced. Geneva & St. Charles have a great selection of restaurants that are all locally owned- so no chains- so we decided to get another view of the area and went to dinner at Mill Race Inn. Of course, the wine drinking continued for a bit before we did. I've been going to Mill Race with my parents since I can remember and their new owner is doing some wonderful things with their menu. Everyone enjoyed their dinner, and no one passed up dessert... or the wine.

We called it an early night so Andrew's parents could head back to their hotel and relax, a very easy thing to do at the Herrington. Then it was up bright and early Sunday morning to go to the church. That'll be part 3.

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